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Head office : 6 rue Alsace Lorraine - 76140 Le Petit-Quevilly
Workshop annexe : 33 rue de l'Industrie - 76120 Le Grand-Quevilly
+332 32 81 35 00

Head office : 6 rue Alsace Lorraine - 76140 Le Petit-Quevilly
Workshop annexe : 33 rue de l'Industrie - 76120 Le Grand-Quevilly

The company LEFEBURE SA dates back to the year 1925 when Mr. Clément LEFEBURE set up a Car Repair Workshop.

All of this family company’s work was carried out by hand until the Second World War, when Mr. LEFEBURE, together with three or four companions, branched out into mechanical maintenance. At that time, their clientele basically consisted of Weaving and Metal Packaging Companies.

Of course, we mustn’t forget that this was when the first “Special Machines” came to life and Mr. LEFEBURE was well-known for his inventive spirit right up until his death in 1957.

It was in the 1960s that the company turned towards the industrial activity that it is known for today, but never losing the family spirit that first brought it success.

In 1972 the company founded by Mr. LEFEBURE became a limited liability company (SARL), managed by Mr Philippe TOUTAIN. Not long after, in 1980, the firm acquired some land on Rue Alsace Lorraine in Petit Quevilly.

Five years later, in 1985, the family company LEFEBURE equipped itself with its first CORREA milling machine with digital control.

In 1989, LEFEBURE SARL became a limited company (SA). The shares at that time were owned by part of the managerial staff of the enterprise and Mr. Philippe TOUTAIN was appointed as President.

During the second half of 1989, the company acquired a significant number of “VIEL” buildings and land with the aim of expanding their 3,251 m² work area. Other “VIEL” buildings were acquired by the firm in October 1996 covering an area of 865 m².

In October 1999, LEFEBURE converted their share capital into EUROS and went on to increase their capital to 100,000 Euros by incorporation of reserves.
Following this increase in capital, the family business invested in a SOMAB CNC lathe and upon doing so built an additional workshop in Petit Quevilly (workshop 2000).

In the early 2000s, the limited company purchased business assets for the undivided co-ownership LEFEBURE. Mr. Philippe TOUTAIN was once again appointed as President.

In March 2000, the company updated their design office with a CAD/CAM computer system.

Just under a year later, in January 2001, LEFEBURE acquired share capital from the company FFAHR. Following this purchase, FFAHR changed their name to INOXYDA and Mr. Philippe TOUTAIN took over as President of the company alongside LEFEBURE.

In 2003, LEFEBURE once again changed their corporate form to adopt that of SAS or simplified joint stock company. With around fifty employees, the company turnover amounted to 5,118,958 Euros (in 2002).

In 2007, LEFEBURE took over the firm REMSI, which subsequently disappeared. LEFEBURE now had two production sites (Petit-Quevilly and Grand-Quevilly) and a workforce of 58 staff.

In 2012, Mr. Philippe TOUTAIN entered retirement and the following year Mr Christophe BASILLE was appointed as President of LEFEBURE SAS.

Today, LEFEBURE SAS’s industrial activity centres around 4 main axes :

  • A Design Office equipped, since 1991, with Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing systems (INVENTOR). Most of the Special Machines built today are designed there.

  • Classic subcontracting work carried out on plans supplied by our customers. Constant upgrading of our machines (CNC milling machines), allowing us to remain competitive.

  • Repair and maintenance work, less glamorous, but nonetheless contributing towards balancing out workloads.

  • Machines designed for the steel industry, petrochemical industry, offshore oil and gas industry, paper mills...